Solo Travel Tips: First Time Traveling Alone

I did it! I took my first solo trip for 5 full, lovely days. I’ve traveled alone for work many times, but never for leisure. How was it? Let’s say, I’ll be doing this once a quarter for the rest of my life. Treat yourself and just take that trip you want to! Coordinating with friends can be difficult, especially when you want to splurge. This solo trip was much needed and I had a blast. Was I nervous before I went, heck yeah.

I was nervous because I was traveling late March 2021. I hadn’t been on a plane since January 1, 2020 due to COVID. All of my trips prior to this one had been done on the road within 6 hours of Nashville. I was also nervous because since Miami had just opened up from COVID, the Spring Break kids went WILD and they implemented an 8PM curfew for the city the week before. So add all of that plus it being my first solo trip and yes, I was nervous. Thankfully for those wondering, I had a negative COVID test before and got my first dose of Pfizer vaccine before taking off.

I flew trusty Southwest and I landed in Miami Monday afternoon. Because I decided to travel during the week, my flight was a great price and the back of the plane was empty. I had the row to myself which eased my flying anxiety. And if you didn’t know, I have regular flying anxiety I have a prescription for then add COVID flying anxiety. You can read more about that here. Alright, enough about that. You want to know how it went…

When planning your solo vaca, you need to decide if you want it more peaceful (during the week) or want to to be around more people (weekend trip). I chose peace over hype. First things first, safety is essential anytime you travel. Whether you’re in a group or not, you need to research where you’re going, what’s currently happening in the city and why. Knowing the curfew was in place before I got there made me plan differently. Also, be COVID safe and pack plenty of masks and plan to social distance. Let’s get into some more tips.

1. Property Perks

With everything going on in Miami and me being alone, I wanted to do as much on property as possible to stay safe. If traveling solo, I suggest a hotel or resort as there is security and staff can help if needed. When I was booking everything. I also looked for locations that were still close enough to walk to main city attractions off property during the day. What did I look for? Adult pools, private beach, onsite restaurants, spa and multiple bars were my top factors. The rooms mattered too, but I still didn’t plan to be in my room that much.

I suggest you find a property that fits your budget, has the feel of the city you’re in and had lots to do. If it’s a short vacay, that might be all you need. I had 5 days so I wanted to safely hit the beach and have chairs included, but always wanted to enjoy the pool and it not be crowded. Let the front desk staff know you’re traveling alone and see if they have additional perks or recos when you checkin.

The Confidante Miami Beach
The Confidante Miami Beach

Looking for more details about the 2 hotels I stayed in? Check out this blog post. In it, I share more details about the Moxy South Beach and The Confidante Miami Beach.

2. Restaurant Reservations

March in Miami is always busy. I ensured I made reservations on property for dinner in case the bar was crowded. I suggest you do this on and off property. Having reservations gives you some security and helps fill your schedule. Also, if you’re traveling alone, food is going to be one of your best friends. You can eat your way through the city.

Serena Rooftop Moxy South Beach

3. All of the Activities

As I said, I chose properties with lots to do. 1 thing I loved about the Moxy is your room comes with 2 bikes to ride around town for 2 complimentary hours. I made sure I researched things to do in Mid Beach and South Beach Miami. I wanted to see different parts of Miami and make sure I didn’t get bored at the hotel. I chose to split my stay across 2 Miami hotels. Depending if you’re staying domestically and how long, I recommend this. Because I went Monday and left Friday, I got really nice rates.

Moxy South Beach Pool

I suggest using Airbnb Experiences even if you’re staying in a hotel. Many of the experiences allow you to join a group. So you can still be with people or choose a safe solo experience during the day.

Moxy South Beach

I loved so many things about traveling solo. 1. I loved being on my own schedule 2. I loved the peace on the beach 3. I loved when I wanted to, I could make friends at the pool or the bar! Once again, safety is important. I checked in every morning with my sister. She had my location the entire time. When you’re safe, you’re more at ease and so are your loved ones.

Have you traveled by yourself? Did you go internationally or stay domestically? Have any additional tips to add? Let me know in the comments below. If you haven’t traveled solo, I encourage it. I hope my experiences and tips helped as you plan.


Leigh Love

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