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When I moved back to Nashville in 2016, I moved in with my parents. I did this because I wanted to find the perfect place (which I did) and save money. I stayed with them almost 6 months and if you ever have this option, do it! Other than the saving money part, the most amazing part was reconnecting with my parents. Over the past year that I’ve been home, I’ve become besties with my parents. I stop by at least once a week and talk to them everyday via text or phone calls. Now that I’m older (much older) I truly appreciate everything they are for me and everything they do for me. This is why I’m throwing them a joint birthday party this weekend!

My father (Bobby) is turning 75 years old on Friday and my mother (Lue) is turning 65 years old next Wednesday. I can’t imagine all of the things I will see if I’m blessed to live that long and that’s why they need to celebrated. Those are big birthdays. The issue with my parents is they are both brilliant and have worked hard their entire lives. There are few material items they need or want. They thankfully appreciate more sentimental gifts. Also, to keep them active, I try to now get them experiences as gifts. For Christmas 2017, they both got spa packages from me along with movie and dinner giftcards. My father is a homebody so I have to force him out. Here’s my plan for my parents. Each will get their day spent with yours truly, cause let’s be honest I’m the best gift they’ve ever received (kidding–not kidding).

For their birthday party it’s taking a little more effort. Here are the essentials you need to throw your parents a special birthday party.


My location choices were a bit narrowed by the size of our dinner party. Decide if you want an intimate affair that allows people to talk or more of an open event. For events like this, ensure you talk to the venue so they know your needs and have the right staff to help you. Bad service can ruin a good party.

birthday location

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If you have time and budget, physical invitations are always the best route. Paper invitations let your guest list know its an event they don’t want to miss and will be nice. Other great options are Evite or a simple email always works depending on the list.

Birthday Invite.png

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We are having the party at a restaurant so I will need minimal decorations. I’m just getting a few small pieces that say 65 and 75 for table pieces. You always want the room to look festive, but not cluttered. Too many decorations can be overkill and look tacky.

birthday decor.jpg

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Our food is taken care of thank goodness. This is always the hardest part of a party. It’s usually one of the main things your guests will remember. Mainly warm food is always the best route. All cold food signals the party is very informal. Warm bites always suggest a classier event.

birthday decoe

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As I stated above, my parents have everything they need in more. In addition to their special days, I will be making each a collage. It’s simple, but something I know they will appreciate. Here’s a great link to one of my favorite DIY collage tutorials. It’s simple and looks amazing once it’s done.

Do you have any suggestions for DIY gifts I can make for my parents? What about party planning tips. If so, leave it in the comments section below. I believe each birthday should be special. I’m turning 30 this year and you will see how all out I go for that in June. Stay tuned.




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