Pepper Boxing Xperience

I really love kickboxing! I can’t workout consistently by myself so I love group classes that are always different. It’s such a fun workout if you go to the right place. Last weekend, we found the right place in Nashville…Pepper Boxing. I brought my Blogger Xchange group there for one of our Xperience events.

Pepper Boxing brings you an old school vibe paired with modern day training methods. It’s a 50 minute workout to both lose and find yourself. It was founded by Alex “Pepper”, a sweet, but bad ass guy that you will catch wandering around the gym. The staff is very personable, knowledgeable and a lot of fun.


Everyone that had previously done a boxing class agreed the instructor for our class was the icing on the cake for a great day. Shoutout to Samantha that helped us put our event together. You can find her at the front desk. She will help you sign up for your first class FREE! Pepper Boxing also does private training.



After our workout, we had a delicious catered meal from Eat Well Nashville. There are not enough synonyms for “delicious” to describe this food. I had several plates…I’m not ashamed because it’s fresh food that’s well prepared.

We worked with Yasar the COO of Eat Well. He was great to work with. He’s passionate about the food and ensuring every customer is happy with their meal. Eat Well provides healthy, freshly cooked meals. They believe that those types of meals should be made easily accessible through direct home and office delivery. Essentially, they’re a meal prep service. If you’re in the market to try one, I highly recommend them!



I’ve said it before and I will say it again, you can’t have a good workout without Defiance Fuel. Defiance Fuel always help me after a great workout.



Have you tried kick-boxing or boxing? How did you like it? If you’re in Nashville, check out Pepper Boxing. They are located at 2176 Bandywood Dr #105. It’s in a shopping center near Taziki’s.




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