Chicken Soup In a Blog

On September 10, 2011, I wrote my first blog post. The following is an excerpt. “…I did not know this world existed where people made social media their business and their business was social media…The last session I went to was with Kate O’Neil of [meta] marketer (she is amazing). It was about the healing and business power of blogging about your life. I decided that day, that I wanted to start a blog…On this blog, I am going to write about what I know and what I love. I love music, I know public relations and how to make great events. These three things make my life and my career. Here is my insight.”

Almost six years later and I can say I still love the same things and they are still my life and my career (well marketing now). I have been to over 11 major American music festivals and more concerts and shows than I can count and remember (I have to keep a log it’s so many). Growing up in Music City, USA, music has been an important part of my experience in this world. Music has shaped how I see the world and show up in the world. I’m currently listening to “Chicken Soup in a Song” by India Arie. That’s what music is to me, my mother’s home-made chicken noodle soup that makes me feel home, makes me smile, makes me feel warm, makes me wanna dance because food is life and just makes me happy.

May this site be someone’s chicken soup in a blog. I want to share the musical experiences that bring me joy and hope to spread a little of that light and love. “So I wrote you this chicken soup in a [blog] may you be cozy and warm where ever you are.”


Leigh Love

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