Breakway Music Festival

I recently had the pleasure of working with Prime Social, the group behind Breakaway Music Festival. Breakaway is the nation’s biggest mulit-city music festival. They came to Nashville for the first time October 5-6, 2018. I honestly, didn’t have the highest expectations becuase I had never heard of them. I can say, I will 100% be going again when they come back next year and recommend you go to their next city stop.


My friends and I really had a great time! Breakaway set-up a great experience in Bicentennial Park. Lots of great photo ops which you know I took full advantage of along with a very fun silent disco. I have to say the silent disco DJs were one of the highlights for me. They also have local food trucks lined up for people to get. Headliners included Wiz Khalifa on Friday night and Russ on Saturday night. The crowd was great and so were the vibes.


As someone who has gone to large, midsize and small festivals, I can say this is one of the best. If you’re not ready for a full fledged 3-4 day 100,000 person festival, def try Breakaway. The crowd sizes were manageable and filled up the park, but were not overwhelming. The saddest part about Breakaway was that it’s my last festival of 2018. Are you attending any more festivals this year? Breakaway’s next stop is Charlotte, NC this weekend. If you’re there, grab your tickets. Learn more here.




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