Life is Beautiful…in Vegas!

Life is Beautiful and So Are You

I get targeted on social media for a lot of up and coming music festivals for obvious reasons. Life is Beautiful crossed my timeline earlier this year. It actually grabbed my attention unlike most and I had to learn more. Within 5 minutes, I was texting my best friends that we need to book our tickets immediately for what looked like a legendary experience. I got back on Monday night and it exceeded my expectations, wildest dreams and proved itself to be a legendary festival experience. Now in its 5th year, Life Is Beautiful is an annual music, culinary, art, and learning festival held in Downtown Las Vegas. The last part is the kicker. You not only get a wonderful festival experience, you also get a Vegas trip all wrapped into one. You just can’t beat that!


I’ve been to some of the biggest festivals in this country and Life is Beautiful is now within my Top 5 easily. It’s right up there with Coachella and Bonnaroo. Within every corner of LIB, the festival sets out to remind you of the beauty of the world and yourself through custom art. The festival is held in old downtown Vegas and most of the art is set on the side of old buildings. It’s the perfect place for Instagramming Millennials looking for the perfect backdrop. The art is just the start, the lineup is A+ and one of the best of the year. This year’s headliners included Blink-182, Chance the Rapper, Lorde and 2Chainz. 2Chainz broke his leg, but didn’t let that stop him from performing. The “I’m Different” rapper was wheeled around in a custom gold wheelchair by a sexy nurse. You know you’re a good performer when you can get the crowd jumping while you’re in a wheelchair. Art + Music + Food + Learning. I missed the learning as we didn’t leave the pool in time for Bill Nye, but I experienced everything else.


We arrived at our hotel on Friday morning after taking an early morning drive to the Seven Magic Mountains. It was the calm before the storm. The Seven Magic Mountains is another perfect Instagram backdrop. We booked a travel package through LIB and stayed at the SLS. SLS is a boutique resort that I highly recommend for those looking for a different Vegas experience. Still close to the main part of the strip as well as downtown. The Foxtail pool became our morning ritual before the festival each day. The SLS houses great restaurants and shopping. You will feel quite posh as it’s newer than most of the other strip hotels. We did go to Daylight one day. I’m pretty sure everyone has heard of this day party and has high expectations. Well, I will just say get there early and secure your spot. By 1:00PM it’s jammed packed and the only place to stand is in the pool. But don’t worry, you’ll be dancing the whole time anyways.  Looking for more Vegas suggestions, check out There are a lot of Vegas festivals like iHeartRadio (happening the same weekend) and Electric Daisy Carnival. Life is Beautiful is the one if you have to pick, you should.


That’s all I can tell you about. The rest of it has to stay in Vegas just like my dusty boots I left in the hotel room. I seriously couldn’t bring them on the plane. I highly recommend you to experience the beauty of Life is Beautiful next year. I will be looking out for pre-sale tickets and be sure to book my hotel early. Learn more about Life is Beautiful here.



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