Wake Up & Dance with DayBreaker

We all have our morning rituals. On rough days, mine includes a Chai Tea Latte with an extra shot so I can make it to lunch. On good days, it includes my 6:00AM HotBox Nashville class. Today, it was a great morning. Why? Because I attended my first DayBreaker event in Nashville hosted by Nashville the Beautiful. DayBreaker is a wellness and music community. They literally wake you up and you dance….ALOT. The morning starts bright and early at 6:00AM with high energy yoga to get you into a positive mindset. Then at 7:00AM, the dance party begins with natural energy drinks and delicious snacks to energize you.

DayBreaker is an international traveling event. Today, they had themed morning parties all over the globe. The Nashville theme was School Daze and was hosted at Play Dance Bar. So think Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day off. It’s early in the morning, so there is not alcohol served. That’s more than okay, because the music and the positive vibes are more than enough to put you in a good mood. No, I really mean it. It was awesome! Any event that can get people dressed in costumes at 6:00AM is a win. Here’s how DayBreaker describes themselves (better than I ever could). “Dancing is downright scientific. What is it about the Daybreaker experience that keeps us so energized and happy throughout our day? Turns out dancing sober in community in the morning releases your brain’s natural “happy chemicals.” This quartet of chemicals include:  DopamineOxytocinSerotonin and Endorphins. We call it the Daybreaker DOSE.


Does all of this sound awesome? It is and there’s good news for you. They might be coming to a city near you. Check out their tour schedule and join your city’s Facebook group to stay up to date and connect to others in your community. Have a wonderful day by waking up and dancing with DayBreaker.



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