Fresh Music Friday – Shoffy

Spotify has Shoffy at the top of their Underground Hits playlist this week and for good reason. The low-key LA singer/songwriter just released his self-titled debut album “Shoffy” last month. He creates his own sound by mixing RnB beats, indie pop and underground dance vibes. It’s definitely something special and truly different. I found Shoffy on Soundcloud earlier this year and immediately had his EP “somewhere between nostalgia and paradise” on repeat. The acoustic version of “Up Here” which is only available on Soundcloud is what made me fall in love with him. You can’t find much else about the young singer whose real name is Alexander Shofler online (even on his website), but all you need to know is his music. He has a great soft, smooth voice that he lays down over mesmerizing beats.


Shoffy’s latest album starts out with a beautiful mellow collab with Yuna called “Flags” then he pumps up the energy as you continue listening. If you’re looking for good riding music, good Saturday vibe music, I highly recommend this album. The third track, “What About Us” hits you hard with strong beats over a beautiful piano melody. He then pulls you in with the lyrics “What about us? What about the kids?” You might have heard the albums current singles, “Different Skies” and “Motions” and not realized it was him. Well, now you know and will never forget after listening.


Shoffy is perfect for the festival scene. I hope he is added to a few of the festivals I plan to attend next year. If I can see him sooner, I will quickly purchase a ticket and be in the front. Take a listen to his latest album and let me know what you think in the comments below. Be sure to check out tour dates to see if he’s coming to a city near you on his first headlining tour here.



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