Throwing the Perfect Rooftop Party

Spring is officially here which means rooftop season is open for business. Friday, April 20, I threw a rooftop Spring Social for the Blogger Xchange. I hosted with my blogger bestie and Blogger Xchange Co-Founder Kay Elle. We had a fabulous night and I’m going to share how it all came together. There are a few essential details you need to throw the perfect rooftop party.

First, you need the perfect location. We chose 505Nashville which is one of Nashville’s newest and most beautiful rooftop. There is a gorgeous pool and tennis court on the roof. It has the perfect backdrop of downtown Nashville. 505Nashville is over 40 stories of condos, apartments and even a hotel called Stay Alfred. Apartments start at $1650/month and condos go for $375,000. They showed our group the million dollar condo and now we are trying to start a GoFundMe for us to all move in together and live a life of luxury. The staff at 505 was so nice and so fun. The event was supposed to end at 9, but we left a little after 10PM because everyone was having such a good time.

After you have secured your perfect location, you need to fill it with the right people. We had 80+ of our fave Nashville bloggers join us on Friday. They all looked beautiful in their spring attire. The evening was captured by Kelsey Young Photography. She made everyone look fabulous on camera. Once you have your guestlist, you have to ensure everyone has a good time. A good time means good food, drinks and music to keep the partying going.

Old Dominick Distillery provided the drinks for the evening. Old Dominick made 3 specialty cocktails for the group using their 2 signature vodkas and Memphis Toddy Whiskey. Old Dominick is based in Memphis, but recently started distribution in Nashville. You can find them at a liquor store downtown. Kinimi Kitchen provided the food and it was delicious. She does events across the city. She gave us her famous Cajun Pop which is as flavorful as it sounds along with some delicious chicken dip. Dessert was provided by The Cupcake Collection.  Everyone’s tummies were filled which always makes people happy.

Lastly, and probably most importantly is music. We danced all night thanks to DJWitch615. It’s very important you have the right DJ for your crowd to cater to their musical tastes and be able to gauge the crowd. DJWitch did just that which is why we didn’t leave until after 10PM. The last thing is to have party favors or giveaways. Old Dominick provided 10 custom at-home bar kits as giveaways and 505 provided a great swag bag. Party favors are always a must.

Friday was a great event due to all of the above reasons. You too can throw the perfect rooftop party if you follow the above steps. Thankfully, our location had a great atmosphere so a lot of decorations weren’t necessary. We just added balloons at each entrance which also served as a secondary backdrop for photos. You may need a few  decorations depending on your venue. Balloons are always easy and fun.


When is the next time you’re hitting a rooftop? I hope soon. You have to soak up the summer sun while you can. Is there anything you would add to the perfect rooftop party? If so, let me know in the comments below.



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