“The Meaning of Life” as told by Kelly

Haven’t we all contemplated the meaning of life? Every person has their own definition of a “good life” and “the perfect life.” Kelly Clarkson tells us her definition in 14 tracks. After listening, I wholeheartedly agree with her definitions of this complex question. I can’t remember the last time I’ve been so obsessed with an ENTIRE album. It’s been a few years. Kelly Clarkson’s “The Meaning of Life” is her latest album release and her greatest to date. The American Idol diva has a much more mature, sultry sound on this album. She embraces and showcases the soulful voice that has long been muffled by overly pop tunes on her last album.

I’ve been waiting for this album to be released since I first heard “Move You” on my New Music Friday Spotify playlist a few weeks ago. Yes, the song moved me and so did the rest of the songs after listening. It moved me to a vulnerable, emotional place and moved me to dance and try to sing like Kelly (I failed on the last one). Move You and the title single, “Meaning of Life” are two songs inspired by her husband. Throughout the album, you can hear odes to her children and husband. There are personal and then fun tracks like funky, dance tune “Whole Lotta Woman.”

Meaning of Life.png

What is the meaning of life as told by Kelly? Finding love, loving the life you’re given, making a life you love and finding happiness. That should be the meaning of life to everyone. Kelly Clarkson is comfortable in her own skin and has become more comfortable than ever in her own voice. We each should strive to be so self aware and have as much self love despite critics.

One of my favorite tracks is the last one, “Go High“. It can only be classified as an anthem to First Lady Michelle Obama who famously said, “When they go low, we go high.” Kelly changes the lyrics to “When you go low, I go high.” This is definitely a big middle finger to her critics that have made comments about her weight in recent years. I will sing this song whenever I’m in a tough situation with someone. It’s easy to sink to the same low levels as others in adverse in others, but it takes strength to rise above them.

Most of the album is high powered and upbeat, but there are a few slow ballets like “Slow Dance“. Slow Dance has a very old-school feel to it and makes you want to sip a brandy in a dark room as you dance to it. Give yourself a good hour to listen to the album and just let it ride. This is one of the few albums that you can actually do that to. Let me know your thoughts on the album in the comments section below. What’s your favorite single on the album? The real question is, “Can you just pick one?” LISTEN HERE

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