The Secret to Improving Your Spotify Playlists

I’ve had a few friends tell me their “Discover Weekly” playlist on Spotify is trash. My response, “Because you’re listening to trash!” Unfortunately, if you feel the same, I would have to say the same to you too. There are four types of Spotify playlists

1. Spotify People Curated – Hand-picked songs by their expert musical staff

2. Spotify Algorithm Created – Based on what you and other listeners are listening to the most 2. Personally Created –You pick the song

3. User Created – Other users pick.

Discover Weekly falls in the number two bucket. So what you are presented is based on what you’ve been listening to. Spotify has a very sophisticated algorithm to create everything, but here are a few nuggets to remember.


When you’re listening to a new artist or song, Spotify tracks how long you listen and whether or not you finish. If you don’t like something, turn it quick and they’ll mark that in the “Leigh doesn’t like this bucket”. Keep listening for a while and you’ll get it put in the “Leigh would like more of this bucket”. I personally adore my Discover Weekly playlist. It gives me a nice mix of genres, tempos, and moods. I get a nice playlist because I listen to a variety of artists and genres. If you’re looking to discover some new artists and improve your playlists, here are a few tips. Note: This is only for Spotify as I’m a hardcore Premium user and a big advocate of the platform. Spotify never disappoints me.

1. Use the “Browse” Tab
I just love the browse tab on Spotify because it allows me to discover new artists similar to ones I already listen to or pick songs based on my mood. Today, I picked “License to Chill” from that tab because it was a long rough day at work. Under Browse say hello to your new best friend “Discover” This tab will give you recos based on past listens and artists. I suggest on a quiet evening or the weekend to get lost in here. Once you find an artist you like go to their page and browse under “Related Artists”. Related Artist is underutilized by people, but it will put you on to great new acts.

2. Follow Spotify Created Playlists
Alternative R&B
I will give a warning that this is truly alternative. Some of it almost doesn’t have a classification, but I’ve found great artists on here that I now follow very closely. Definitely, keep an open mind of what you consider R&B.
Chill Vibes
After a long day in the office, Chill Vibes gets me right. It helps me relax and unwind from the day. If you like mellow, acoustic music, Ii definitely recommend you follow this list.
Most Necessary
Nice mix of top Hip hop and rap artists along with a few indie hip hop artists.

3. Follow New Playlists
Release Radar
Release radar presents you music from artists that you follow and listen to the most. It’s a great way to find out if someone you like has a new single or a new album
Fresh Finds
There are a variety of Spotify created “Fresh Finds” playlists. Just search “Fresh Finds”. I personally just listen to the main one as it’s pretty diverse.
New Music Friday
Friday is my favorite day because of this playlist. This is definitely for people who want to know more about mainstream releases from big artists. Every now and again you will be able to find an indie gem or two on here. But mostly it’s Top 40 artists coming out with a new song, not the best place to discover new artists.
I hope this was helpful and none of you say your playlists are trash moving forward. Lastly, make sure you save artists you like and follow them. You will get more suggestions based on who you follow. Want to know what I’m listening to this week? Follow me on Spotify @itsleighlove and you can see of my curated playlists.



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