Gift Guide for Frequent Travelers

Travel is the new black.  Experiences are the new currency and the most valuable purchases to young Americans. I’m a proud wanderluster and have already started mapping out and saving for my 2018 trips (check back later for my travel wishlist). If you have someone in your life that has been struck with wanderlust, you know they’re always in a plane, train, car or boat. They’re going somewhere and always gone. There are a few essential items like a suitcase that every traveler needs and some that just make the journey a little easier like a book light. This Gift Guide is for those that have racked up a few miles and have a few stamps in their passport. The list is from more expensive to more affordable and easy to get “stocking stuffers.”

:::::::::FOR UNDER THE TREE::::::::::


ScarfI’m always strapped for space when traveling, especially on long international trips. One thing I need is a pillow because I like to sleep on the plane. I just don’t like carrying it. Uncommon Goods offers a convertible travel pillow infinity scarf. Wear it around your neck as a fashionable scarf to keep you warm in the airport and then simply blow it up on the plane to fall asleep.


ToiletryI can never keep my toiletry bags clean so I am always throwing them out. I know many travelers have this issue. There is a simple solution. A washable toiletry bag. This one from Sumnacon is great, portable and stores ALOT of stuff. It’s unisex and comes in a few different colors so you can pick the right one for your traveler friend. This isn’t the most expensive gift, therefore you can prepack it with essential items like toothpaste, toothbrush, small comb and cotton balls.


basketWant to get creative and really surprise your travel bug? Create a custom gift basket based on your traveler’s next trip. Include a book guide showcasing the best street food or attractions in that area. You can print off a guide from the internet to save money. Some other great essential items to include are a portable umbrella, sleep mask, laundry bag, medicine kit, hand sanitizer, lint roller, Tide™ stick, slippers, passport cover, selfie stick (they’re the best and worst), beach bag and rubber flip flops (great for the pool or the shower). Photo from Pinterest

::::::::Easy Digital Gifts::::::::


kindleI’m old school and still like a good book where I can flip the pages. That’s not to say I wouldn’t mind someone buying me a nice eReader. Amazon has a plethora of eReader options for you to choose from. From the reasonably priced $119 Kindle to the $50 Fire, you can find one without breaking the bank. The Kindle Paperwhite is their best seller. If you’re a PRIME member, you can get one delivered in 2 days and be done.


southwest.pngGive the gift of a destination. My mother now gets me and my sister a Southwest Giftcard every year and I adore her for it. A $100 card can be a roundtrip on Southwest if you plan right. That is why Southwest is my favorite airline and the 2 free checked bags are just the icing on top of the cheesecake. You can find a Southwest giftcard at almost any gas station, grocery or convenience store.



Airbnb.pngThere are many expenses that go into a good trip and often the hotel is one of the most expensive. That is why Airbnb has become such a popular alternative for travelers. You can now give the gift of hassle-free lodging whereever your travel bug goes. You can send them an Airbnb Giftcard to use on the trip of their choice. You can do as little as $25 or as much as $500. With Airbnb any amount will go a long way. Buy directly through Airbnb or Amazon.


GogoLet’s face it, we are an internet addicted generation. A 4-hour flight can seem dreadful without the internet. You can give the gift of in-flight entertainment and endless browsing with a GoGo Monthly Pass. GoGo is the internet provider on most major airlines including Delta. You can get a Daily Global Pass on any Delta flight for $28. The monthly pass is $49.95/month.

::::::::Stocking Stuffers:::::::::


CarryOnOh don’t worry, this is FDA and TSA approved. Yup! You might want to get this one for yourself. The Carry On Cocktail Kit includes everything you need to mix up two delicious cocktails while soaring to your destination. The collection ranges from a proper Old Fashioned, Gin & Tonic or a spicy Moscow Mule. The Carry On Cocktail Kit is the result of a unique collaboration between W&P Design and PUNCH. Shop the Collection.


yoobaoA portable charger is another gift that keeps on giving every time you plug it into your phone. When traveling, phone batteries are sure to die while snapping photos and Facetiming friends. Having a durable portable charger can be a lifesaver, especially when in a foreign country where you don’t know where you are going. I have a cheap, cute $5 one that I got from Target. I suggest one a little more high end for your traveler to ensure they get all of the juice they need while on the go. Yoobao is a top rated, fast charging power bank and comes high recommended.


REIIf your traveler is an international aficionado, they will definitely need one of these. Plugging in your American iPhone can prove tricky in Asia or Scotland. Getting a multi-country converter ensures they never lose any screentime when they’re traveling. REI has a wide variety along with a great guide on which one you will need in different countries.

Do you have anything to add to the list? Let me know in the comments below. Be sure to come back for my 2018 travel list and festival guide.

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