New Rooftop Bars Nashville

As a Nashville native, I remember when we had a handful of rooftop bars. Now, almost every bar within the Downtown and Midtown vicinity has some kind of rooftop extension. On Friday, I decided to do an afternoon tour of some of the newest rooftop bars in the city. Here are my faves so far (as they’re more being built each day).

City Tap Nashville

My favorite day to go to City Tap is on Sunday Funday. They have their weekly Afternoon Delight 2-6PM on CT10, their rooftop bar. They have great food, amazing views of the river, good music by their house DJ and bottomless mimosas. That is everything you need for a good Sunday Funday. In addition to all of that, they have a few sets of Jenga and cornhole.

Bobby Hotel

The Bobby Hotel’s main rooftop feature is a full size, old school tour bus. The rooftop is bright and colorful. There is also a small pool that oversees 4th Ave N. While it’s a beautiful rooftop, it’s not the most happening. There isn’t a DJ and the tunes are turned down pretty low. I still recommend it as a place to have a afternoon cocktail. It’s less of a party place and more of a good place to chill and catch up with friends.


Noelle – RareBird

Rarebird was certainly one of my favorite stops on the tour. They had a great Sangria drink that was very refreshing in the 90 degree heat. They had a great staff and nice decor. Highly recommend this one. Be warned, the drinks are not the cheapest, but they’re relatively large and strong pours.


Holston House

Holston House is certainly one of the smaller out of this bunch. However, they do have a pool, nice seating and fun cocktails. I think they have some of the best specialty cocktails. I’ve been there twice now and since the first time they added some fun, colorful pillows boasting the rooftop name, Tenn.


L27 @ Westin Hotel

L27 is actually the oldest rooftop on this list. They did a major renovation a few weeks ago and it’s so much better than before. The decor is now more rustic and bohemian. Before, it was a little pretentious. I think they received strong feedback and since have made some great changes. Another strong recommendation.


Some of my old and not so old favorites include

  • LA Jackson – One of my top recommendations for out of towners. Their food is amazing along with their Froze. They have good music throughout the week and amazing views of the city.
  • Whiskey Row – Lots of fun! Games on the roof, cheap drinks and great music.
  • Acme – One of the first and largest rooftop bars in downtown. Always a good time
  • Nashville Underground – Great food!
  • Cambria – I also checked this one out. I don’t think it has anything special to offer, but added to the list as another option for you all.

What’s your favorite rooftop bar in Nashville? I plan on trying some of the new patio bars and doing a post about that too. During the summer, I try to be outside as much as possible and be in places that allow me to soak up the sun.




  1. All these look like great options. I would love to go bar hopping here – though my wallet may not like it much lol! Oh and your blue dress is so gorgeous – you are totally rocking it.

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