Life is Beautiful 2019

Life is Beautiful is one of my favorite music festivals. This was my 3rd year going and my best year yet. I was the guest of Bacardi as one of their official #bacardipartners this year. That plus some amazing friends, great music and vibes made it the best year. Keep reading to learn more about my Life is Beautiful Music Festival experience…what I ate, sets I saw and places I visited after.

Bacardi did an amazing installation at the festival. They created the Bacardi Art Motel. It’s all part of their Sound of Rum campaign. There were several themed rooms, an open garden with a bar and all the photo ops a blogger could want. They also had the Bacardi stage which had a great VIP viewing area we took full advantage of each day. #soundofrum

My favorite rooms at the Art Motel were the vinyl and disco room. They also had a room dedicated to their 2019 partnership with Lonely Whale. They are on a mission to get rid of plastic straws to save our oceans and wildlife. With Bacardi and Lonely Whale, #TheFutureDoesntSuck. Of course there was music throughout as Bacardi wants to encourage fans to Do What Moves You!

I love LIB because it’s in downtown Las Vegas which is a very different vibe than the strip. If you’ve done the strip, I suggest you go downtown on your next trip. We bar hopped after the fest Friday and went to some fun free places. Yup, free in Vegas! We went to the strip top of course.

We stayed at MGM Grand which was a great hotel. They had an amazing free pool, great food court options and just a really nice staff. We didn’t make it to the nightclub, but went to the beach club the last day to see Steve Aioki.

Saturday, we went to Encore Beach Club with a few friends before the festival. We planned on staying 2 hours and stayed close to 4. Diplo and Major Lazer we’re performing. It was too good of a time to leave. Put this on your list next time you go. If you don’t have a table, arrive early to get a spot in the pool. Drinks are expensive so plan for that too. The large cup was $66 but had 4 shots. You can decide if that’s worth it. It was a no for me.

Saturday night, we went to Drais. We waited till 2AM to see The Migos. Same as above, get there early if you don’t have a table. As I said, I did a lot this time around. Trying so many different day and night options made it the best. You don’t want to go to Vegas and visit the same places each time. I said next time I go, I will do an extra early day to see some shows. Shows and really good restaurants. I pack so much into a weekend we usually end up getting quick food. It’s good, but not the same as a fine sink r experience and fine dining service.

Thank you Bacardi once again for a wonderful VIP experience. I can’t wait for Life is Beautiful 2020. Will I see you there?


Leigh Love

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