The Other Side of New York

I went to New York for the first time in 2015 on a work trip. While I had fun with my friend, I wasn’t a fan of how dirty the city was (trash bags lined the streets) and how crowded it was. I will admit, I only had one free day I wasn’t working which may have tainted my view. All of the working and cramped scheduled and places may have been a little too much for the Southern belle in me. It’s obligatory when you visit New York to get the typical hot shots at the hottest spots the Brooklyn Bridge, Empire State Building, Statue of Liberty etc. I haven’t done any of that and that’s okay. One day, I know I will. Last weekend, I visited New York again for my friend J’Nelle’s 30th birthday. This time, we stayed mostly in upper state New York. I got to see the other side of New York and I really liked it.


Friday night, I traveled by train with my friend Regina to upper state New York after I landed. It was a nice hour train ride, complete with smuggled wine. Saturday, we had brunch at the house. J’Nelle’s late father is Tom Agee who was a member of the Mets during the 1969 World Series. He is known for making two of the greatest catches in World Series history. It was fitting that she held her 30th Birthday Party at the Mets Citi Field Stadium. Citi Field turned their mezzanine level into a beautiful private venue for us. The food was great and the staff was wonderful. They stayed with smiles on their faces despite it snowing 7 inches outside while we were inside dancing the night away.


Saturday night after the event, we went to Cove Lounge in Harlem. Cove’s atmosphere is upscale and Caribbean inspired. We had 3 tables and enjoyed great music, a nice staff, good food and vibes. Highly recommend this place if you find yourself in Harlem for your next trip.


Sunday evening, we dined at Heritage Food + Drink in the Hudson Valley. We enjoyed a 4 course, unlimited family style dinner that included unlimited drinks. After that glorious feast, we all went into a deep slumber. We had to get up at 5:00AM Monday to go to the airport. I had a great trip which is usually easy when you’re with people you love. I am definitely willing to give New York another chance and do all of the touristy stuff. I do want to explore more of Brooklyn and Harlem during the day.


If you’ve been to New York, did you fall in love with the city? For my next visit, where do you suggest I go? Leave your suggestions in the comments section. Be sure to follow me on Instagram as loveleighlove to see more trip pictures.



  1. I’ve been to New York City twice, and one time it was for work so I didn’t get to see much, and the other time I only saw the main tourist-y places, but none of the cool neighborhoods or restaurants. So I say I like it, but I really need to go back and explore it further!

  2. I must admit, I was a little saddened when I first started reading your post. I was born and raised in NY so I want everyone to love it. I’m so glad you gave it another chance. Looks like you had a good time!

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