Holiday Drink Recipes with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream

Tis the season for yummy holiday drinks. Many things over the holiday season this year will look different. Enjoying yummy holiday cocktails is one thing that will remain the same. No matter where or who you celebrate with, I’ve got something that will make you Santa’s and your friends’ favorite reindeer. I’ve partnered with Jackson Morgan Southern Cream to share some of my favorite flavors and easy drink recipes.

One thing I love about Jackson Morgan Cream is that they have flavors for every season. In the winter, I prefer the caramel and brown sugar flavors. They taste like sugar and spice and everything nice. During Thanksgiving and Christmas, I like to drink mine in a mug with ice or chilled. While watching my favorites movies, I enjoy with some tasty desserts. This year, we did mini pumpkin pies with whipped cream.

Brown Sugar & Cinnamon along with Salted Caramel are two of my favorite flavors from Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. During the holidays, I like to jazz them up by mixing a few extra ingredients. I suggest whiskey for both if you want a little extra spice in your cream. Below are three of my favorite recipes because they take only a few minutes and few extra ingredients. You can pick up everything in your local grocery store or liquor store. Check them out and see which one strikes your fancy.

Another great thing about Jackson Morgan is these are a great Christmas gift when paired with one of their custom mugs or other bar items. Let me know in the comments which Jackson Morgan Southern Cream flavor is your favorite? How are you planning on celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas safely this year? No matter what you decide, I wish you love and lots of fun. Stay safe, eat all you want and celebrate responsibly.

This post is sponsored by Jackson Morgan Southern Cream. All opinions are my own. Please sip responsibly.

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