30 Things to Do Before Turning 30

Each of us is on our own life path. No matter how much we plan, that path is inevitably going to change and the key is being able to adapt and embrace the change. I’m a planner by profession and in my personal life. I plan out almost everything with to do lists. I’m turning 30 in June (screams with excitement and a little bit of fear).  It was only fitting I make a “to do” list for my 30th.

Many of my friends have been doing “30 by 30” which is marking off 30 countries on their passport by their 30th birthday. Well, that’s not happening for me. I’ve been out of the country a lot, but I’m far from 30. I still wanted to push myself to enjoy the last few weeks of my twenties and go into my 30th year and 4th decade of living feeling fresh and joyful. I’ve been self reflecting lately and thinking about my past and future. I think everyone does this when a big milestone birthday is looming. Honestly, I’m excited as life is going well and I want to be optimistic that it will keep getting better if I work hard and radiate positivity.


I’ve created a list of 30 things I want to do before my 30th birthday. This is my list. As I said before, everyone is different. If you’re planning to make your own, I encourage you to make it unique to you, your experiences and aspirations. Feel free to take inspiration from my list as I certainly took inspo from others’ lists.

30by30 (2)

MY 30 BY 30

  1. Write down 1 thing each day I’m grateful for. Find the happy in everyday
  2. Write a note to your 40 year old self about where you are at 29 and where you want to be in a decade
  3. Visit a new country and dance in the ocean
  4. Turn your phone off for 24 hours and just enjoy the day
  5. Watch the sunset at Coachella
  6. Go on a hike in Nashville
  7. Take a yoga class
  8. Run a 5k (marathon)
  9. Go to the spa with momma for a girl’s day
  10. Read 3 books that have been sitting on your list
  11. Do an arts and crafts project for your home
  12. Invest in yourself and your personal brand financially, emotionally and mentally
  13. Throw a poolside beauty day
  14. Visit Bluebird Cafe
  15. Host a rooftop soiree for your friends 
  16. Get rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year
  17. Take better care of yourself each day-make time to relax and unwind 
  18. Write your name in the sand in Mexico
  19. Crowd surf or get on someone’s shoulders at a concert
  20. Write a poem or song
  21. Call and/or facetime a friend at least once a week. Make keeping in contact a habit
  22. Volunteer at least one weekend at a school or shelter
  23. Have lunch with strangers to meet new people
  24. Try at least 6 new restaurants in Nashville. Be a food tourist in your own city
  25. Take a solo trip or a solo staycation
  26. Fall in love
  27. Dance on Beale Street
  28. Let go of grudges. Let the past be the past
  29. Visit a waterfall in Nashville 
  30. Leave room to make mistakes and change your list and plan as needed

I’ve already enlisted many of my family and friends to help me complete all 29 items on the list and add one fun one. What do you think #30 should be? Tell me in the comments section below. I will update this post throughout the next few weeks as I check off things on the list. Also, be sure to follow me on Instagram so you can see this journey to 30 live through stories and pictures.


Leigh Love

“I tried to carry the weight of the world, but I only have two hands. Hope I get the chance to travel the world, but I don’t have any plans. Wish that I could stay forever this young.”Avicci x Wake Me Up




  1. This is a great list. I’m sure you’ll be able to complete it before your 30th birthday. I love the idea of doing a list to celebrate a milestone in your life. I can’t wait to see the pictures and read the posts about you completing each item. I’m sure by the end you’ll have one heck of a story to tell and a whole new perspective that leads you into year 30.

  2. Love this post! Great. I Just had an epiphany with tons of things I want to do by the I am 30.

  3. Such a great list – I’ll be borrowing some of these for my own list! Love the mix of things you have on here; some travel, some lifestyle, some habits.

  4. wish I had read your post when I was younger as I`m now well past 30.Having said that, my younf^ger days were no quiet,lived to the fullest, travelled, did all I wanted to plus married and divorced lol.

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