La Fete du Rose

Rose all day! That’s what I did last Sunday, May 26 during Memorial Day Weekend. La Fete du Rose made its first stop in Nashville. La Fete du Rose is a traveling festival that celebrates all things Rose. I had 3 college friends come in town for the event.

We had the pleasure of being driven around all weekend by a new private car service, The Kulinda Group. We were driven by the owner, R. Simone. She was extremely prompt, polite and accommodating. She got us around safely and we enjoyed every ride. It’s always nice not having to worry and driving and parking. If you have an event coming up, I highly recommend them.

Sunday, we started out with a group brunch at Ainsworth. We had a big blogger group headed to the fest.

You’re required to wear pink and white to La Fete du Rose. Each GA and VIP ticket came wit a bottle and collectible glass. VIP had special seating and food included.

I will admit they had some hiccups like no one received their promised blanket they paid for. Also, there were some underwhelming aspects that had been overpromised or advertised different than what was true. There were issues with food, VIP cabanas and more. Evens are hard (I know first hand). Things go wrong. Overall, it was a good day, good weather, good vibes. I hope they return and work out all of the kinks for year 2. There is def potential there and I’m rooting for them.



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  1. I think this beautifully displayed the day in honesty! I truly enjoyed myself and at the end of the day that’s the memory I’ll have 🥰

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