Nashville Blogger Staycation with Domio

Oh girls just wanna have fun! What’s more fun than a sleepover? A sleepover with some of your fave Nashville bloggers in a dope house. I started off 2019 in the best way with some much needed girl time courtesy of Domio. Domio is geared towards group travel and the homes they have are perfect for birthdays, girls nights, bachelorettes or family getaways.

My blogger bestie, Kay Elle got me and 3 other ladies together for 2 days of Nashville staycation fun. My other blogger faves are Alesha, Jamaria and Kris. All great ladies you should check out. We checked into our Domio house at 5:00PM Friday. Our house was located in a cute neighborhood near 12th Ave S. It was 3 stories with 3 bedrooms, 2.5 baths and an amazing roof. It was a bit cloudy and rainy our weekend, but the view was still beautiful.

We were greeted by some branded goodies from Black Radiance, Bauble Bar and FirstAid Beauty. Domio gave me the great sleep mask you see below. I’m light and sound sensitive so this was perfect for a group trip. Domio loves to treat their guests well so we had cute welcome notes throughout the house to make us feel at home. We did!

We ordered in Slim & Husky’s Pizza and Beeria catering Friday night. As many know, their pizza is amazing. They have expanded their catering to include pasta that is out of this world! I can rave all day about the pasta! Any flavor and you’re in heaven. And to make things even sweeter, we had their Cinnamon rolls. If you’re traveling through Nashville you have to stop at one of their locations for a pizza and beer. Drinks for the weekend were provided by Old Dominick Distillery which makes great dark and white whiskeys straight out of Memphis and Muddy Boot Wine. They are two of my faves. You’ll see them mentioned in many past posts.

Saturday, we had a Photoshoot at our Domio home with Chris McCarthy Photography. I can’t stop raving about him! He was just such a pleasure to work with and made the shoot very easy and fun. After a much needed nap, we headed to East Nashville to make candles at CandleBar Co. Their main class is 1 hour. It’s super easy and like a fun chemistry class. You pick your container, scent and how many wicks you want in it. Another perk I wish we knew before is its BYOB. So bring some wine for a real girl’s activity.

Saturday night, we were treated to a yummy dinner at Ainsworth Nashville. Ainsworth is an upscale sports bar chain with locations in New York. This is their first TN location and it’s located in Midtown. If you go, def get the Mac n Cheese Fries as an app and then a burger as your main. You can’t go wrong with any burger on the menu. If you’re balling and feeling adventurous, they now have their infamous gold flakes wings on the Nashville menu. Ainsworth is great for large parties and people celebrating special occasions. A DJ comes on at 10PM during the weekends. We stayed and danced with some friends that met us out.

We ended our night at Luke Bryant’s. This place has only been open a few months, but is now top 5 on my Nash list. Sunday, was sad as we departed. Our Domio home was perfect and so was the weekend. I’m already looking to book my next group trip with them in another city.

Are you planning a staycation? Highly recommend you use Domio for great homes and customer service throughout your stay. What are some essentials you need for one at home or a rented house?

Photo Cred: Chris McCarthy Photography

Domio sponsored our stay, CandleBar Co sponsored our class, Ainsworth and Slim & Husky’s sponsored our food, Old Dominick and Muddy Boot Wine sponsored our drinks. The opinions in this post are my own.

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