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A crucial part of your blogger success is finding photographers you love to work with. It’s not just about the pictures, but the time you spend with them. I’ve been lucky enough to find some really great photographers in Nashville. They’re not only great at capturing me on camera, but great people. Below find some of my favorite photographers I love in Nashville. Throughout February 2019, I will be doing a photo session with each of them on Instagram. Head over to my Instagram page enter.

I’ve shot with each of these lovely people. You can see their work all over my Instagram page. You can also scroll down and view a gallery of their work with me. Learn more about them below and book your next appointment with them.

DayNa at Southwell Photography

DayNa is a lifestyle, brand and destination photographer, avid DIY-er and landlocked beach bum. Lover of Christ, devoted to her husband, travel and a good adventure! she started to fall in love with photography in college – She was always the one taking photos and wanting to record all of the memories she and her friends were making! She really started to get into professional photography when she lived in Key West. She got her first camera there and actually started doing a few free shoots. When she finally moved to Nashville, she started second shooting for a wedding photographer which really jump-started her career in photography!

southwell-logo (2).jpg


Jalisa at Jalisa Ranae Photography

Jalisa first picked up a camera her senior year in high school for basically what was supposed to be a “fluff class”.  She says she didn’t really “learn” anything technical from it, but knew in that moment it was meant for her to experiment around with. She took pictures of everything! Jalisa is based in Middle Tennessee. She is a mother. She has an eye for expressionism, a passion for fashion all creative things. Her goals consist of philanthropy using photography, magazine publications and traveling the world to showcase her creative works.


Daniel at Daniel Christopher Photo

Photography has been a passion of Daniel since 2014. He started a food blog. He would run the critique and a friend ran the photography. She helped me gain an appreciation that just kept on growing from there. Daniel has a deep love for story-telling. He loves the way a photo can explain a moment. He loves how videos can convey emotion and nostalgia in just a few minutes. His goal is to create content that is timeless. He is always eager to try new ideas, and work toward becoming someone better in my craft.


Tamara at T.Marie Photography

Tamara is a traveling portrait photographer based in Nashville. She chose to join her genuine love for others with her creative passion, and birthed T. Marie Photography. Tamara strives to make each photo experience so comfortable, that it reminds you of taking photos with your bestie. Tamar’s mother is a painter. Growing up she instilled the value of art to her. She always wanted to draw or paint but she can’t draw a straight line to save her life. Tamara wanted so badly to become an artist but just didn’t know how. After doing some research, she decided to buy her first DSLR. It was a Canon T4i. The rest is history!



Christy at Authentic Photos and Designs

Christy is a mom of 4 and has her own Nashville Mural Tour with Airbnb experiences. She fell in love with photography when she was a little girl, looking at books of fashion and classic Hollywood. Princess Diana was her biggest inspiration and she looked at photos of her and wanted to take beautiful photos. Seven years ago, after her 4th child, she bought her first DSRL and began the journey into professional photography. Being self-taught, it has been a journey of trial and error for Christy, all the while a labor of love, and an outlet for her creativity.


Daserae x Moments by Mama Bear Photography

We went to high school together. Show this fellow native some love. 2020 and I’m still shooting with her. As her brand name says, she’s a mom of 2 young kiddos. She’s actually married to someone we went to high school with and I went to college with. Yes, we’ve got history.

Chris x Christopher McCarty Photography

I first met Chris in January 2019. I did a blogger staycation and he took some amazing photos of the group (see gold below). Since then I’ve worked with him on a few shoots of his and as always have a great time. He’s married and living in the Nash burbs.



Leigh x Southwell Photo
Leigh x Jalisa Ranae
Leigh x T. Marie Photography
Leigh x Daniel Christopher Photo
Leigh x Authentic Photos and Designs

Leigh x Moments by Mama Bear Photography

Leigh x Moments by Mama Bear Photography

Leigh x Chris McCarty Photography

These are the best photographers Nashville has to offer. If you book them, please let them know I referred you. Also, please share your photos. I love to see the work they do with other people. My home is filled with pictures. They are as special as the moments they capture.



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