Tylt Cycling Xperience

The best way to start a Saturday is by working out and then the icing on the cake is a B-12 shot. This morning, I started my morning off with a workout class hosted by Blogger Xchange. We took a super fun cycling class at Tylt Cycle in the Gulch. They have been open for 6 months on 12th Ave N.

Tylt is a unique riding Xperience where the bikes move and as the name says tilt. This gives you more of a full body workout (which I needed). It was my second time taking the class and this time was much easier than the first. Paige, our wonderful instructor, informed us it takes about 3-5 times to get used to the bikes. So it’s okay to be a bit clumsy your first time.

Each class is about 45 minutes to an hour. They have different level classes and sometimes mix being on the bike and off with weights and other items. We just did a 45 minute bike class.

After our workout, we enjoyed Nooma. Nooma is an organic, electrolyte drink. It is made with coconut water and sea salt. Nooma comes in 4 flavors. The Mango and the Blueberry Peach are my favorites so far. If you have ever read any of my other workout posts, you know I always finish with Defiance Fuel. It’s the best water! And it has what? You guessed it, electrolytes.

One thing that is cool about the Tylt studio is they have Arete housed in their space. Arete offers concierge intravenous services. The group received complimentary B-12 shots. I started getting B-12 shots 3 weeks ago and love them. Highly recommend. The Arete team is great. B-12 shots are quick and you can book a private IV session with you and 2 friends if you want. They’re open all weekend and by appointment during the week.

If you’re in Nashville, I encourage you to stop by and see my friends at Tylt and Arete. Your first Tylt class is free. Let me know how you like it. We might run into each other.



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